Lux D

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The Lux D grinder is the result of a collaboration between La Marzocco and Mazzer to build an optimized home espresso grinder. The Lux D introduces a host of new features: on demand dosing, 61 mm flat burrs for fast grind times and proper extraction, standard short hopper. Available in black, stainless steel and white. The Lux D is the perfect choice for a home espresso grinder. The ideal combination of size and power, available in three finishes.

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Burr Type Hopper Capacity (kg/lbs) Grind Adjustment Burr Diameter Grinding Speed (rpm) Programmable Dose Height (cm/in) Width (cm/in) Depth (cm/in) Weight (kg/lbs) Voltage (VAC) Wattage Elements (W)
Steel flat 0,6 /1,3 Stepless 61mm 1400 (50Hz) 1600 (60Hz) No 47,5 / 18½ 18 / 7 25 / 10
10,5 / 23 110V single phase 220V single phase 250

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